Why Biometrics?

Biometric technologies are a thing of the future – and the future is now! Over the past 10 years, a growing number of innovative real-world biometric technologies have begun to take the place of our most commonly used identification systems like fingerprint scanners & fingerprint readers, ushering in a new era of security, convenience and user friendliness. Modern biometrics are more flexible then their predecessors, capable of being integrated into systems unimagined just a few years ago.


Gyms, Spas, Health Clubs, Massage Parlors, Night Clubs, YMCA, Bars, Movie Stores, Beauty Salons, & Many More!! With the use of our biometric thumbprint scanner devices and fingerprint software, modern clubs can begin to incorporate VIP/Membership Access systems into their security counters in order to speed up the intake of customers who would rather not wait in line. With our versatile biometric membership identification suite, you can upgrade your queuing efficiency & improve customer enrollment. Our biometric thumbprint reader & biometric identification systems easily sync with existing time clock system software. This allows them to be used in any environment where members are checking in & out.

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Hospitals, Chiropractors, Blood Donation Centers, Health Clubs, Wellness Centers, Dentists, Allergists, & Many More!! The healthcare industry is full of headaches that can easily be aided by the biometric medication identification system. Our biometric thumb scanner Secure-ID scanner systems can easily be integrated alongside with your existing medical records software. Your patients’ electronic medical records can be accessed with a simple scan of a fingerprint or thumb print. Uses for our biometric devices and software products include: patient identification, patient check-in systems, electronic medical record (EMR) software integration, & more.

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Colleges, High Schools, Middle Schools, Elementary Schools, Kindergartens, Pre-Schools, Day Cares, & Many More!! FSS wrote the book on cafeteria-based POS biometric thumbprint scanner devices. For the past 20+ or so years, school lunch systems have utilized electronic ID card scanner devices & PIN numbers for their point-of-sale (POS) transactions. In this day and age, FSS biometric fingerprint scanner and thumbprint scanners are being used in K-12 school & college/university lunch rooms across the country & saving those schools substantial amounts of time & money. Our BioWedge Biometric fingerprint scanner and thumbprint scanners easily integrate with existing Windows-based point of sale software. Just plug it in!

FSS has a complete biometric ID software and biometric identification solutions suite for K-12 school lunch point-of-sale systems, college and university meal plans, health care cafeterias, long term care facilities and corporate cafeterias. In addition to point-of-sale solutions, FSS provides USDA K-12 free and reduced processing, on line parental account access, and payment processing.

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Hotels, Casinos, Bars, Lodges, Rental Establishments, Restaurants, & Many More!! Customer identification is as the heart of hospitality management. Existing systems for managing & identifying customers can be enhanced & streamlined with the integration of FSS™ Biometric Secure-ID technology. Whether it is be age identification, VIP registration, POS customer ID, identification for the purpose of enrollment into a child care management / daycare management system, or simply identifying returning customers, our biometric identification hospitality software suite along with our fingerprint and thumb print scanner devices offer something for everyone. FSS™ Biometric Secure-ID systems are perfect for use in: hotels, casinos, bars, lodges, athletic clubs, dance clubs, rental establishments, YMCAs, & more.

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Government Offices, Prisons, & Many More!!

Government-associated industries are constantly looking for the latest & greatest in technology to help increase security & streamline complicated identification processes. biometric identification fingerprint and thumb print scanner devices seamlessly integrate into existing jail & prison management, inmate visitation, and visitor management software systems. FSS has also developed a wide range of identification-related biometric devices, fingerprint software as well as other products for use in the government sector, including: enrollee identification, visitor tracking, inmate visitor tracking, homeless tracking, time clock monitoring, & more.

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