Biometric EMR Lookup

Biometric EMR Lookup allows you to rapidly and accurately lookup the CORRECT patient record to assign transactions. It decreases fraud, deters pill shoppers and improves HIPAA compliance. Profitability is increased as you eliminate costs on corrective measures for data problems because you stop patient data errors before they happen. Reimbursements can be accelerated and you can streamline the overall patient experience. Happy patients and healthy profits go hand in hand.

Cost Savings

Eliminate costly IT projects involving records correction and maximize your reimbursements.

Operational Efficiency

Improve patient flow through your facility with faster and more efficient processing. Look up the RIGHT patient FAST on your EMR and save $$$$$$ going back and correcting data issues.

Patient Safety

Eliminate multiple EMR records due to incorrect data or user error. Biometric authentication ensures only the right people look at a patient’s records.